What does vocation mean to you?

To live at one with my creative God, and like Mary Ward become mission that is constant,
effective and loving.

Sr Rachel McLoughlin IBVM
Physiotherapist and Spiritual Director

To collaborate with others to transform our world so all people can live with dignity.

Sr Janet Palafox IBVM
NGO Representative to the United Nations

To live an adventurously life-giving journey with God and others.

Jwan Kada
Secondary school teacher and IBVM Novice

Sharing friendship with a Friend.

Sr Anne Byrne IBVM

Using my gifts in ways that help others.

Catherine van Dorp
Executive Support Officer,
Loreto Ministries

To be courageous, trust in God which liberates, to go where the need is greatest.

Cate Sydes
Chief Executive Officer, Loreto Ministries

To respond to God’s love with freedom, justice and integrity and relish the Divine in all creation.

Sr Wendy Hildebrand IBVM
Province Leader, Loreto Australia and South East Asia

Being there for your friends.

Steph Moran
Head of Philanthropy, Leukaemia FoundationSteph Lorenzo
National Campaign Manager, HireupPast students, Loreto Normanhurst

God’s love.

Sr Chris Neil IBVM

An invitation to be who I’m meant to be.

Sr Anne Kelly IBVM
Province Council Member

Spreading the word.

Anna Turkington
Manager, Communications and Marketing, Loreto Ministries

Partnering with Australians to help make a life changing impact to others globally.

Michelle Gale
Philanthropy Manager, Mary Ward International Australia

Pursuing justice by giving all of my clients a voice to be heard and a forum to ensure
their rights are protected.

Claudette Chua
Partner, Cockburn & CoPast student, Loreto Kirribilli

Creating systemic change.

Hannah George
Executive Officer, Mary Ward International Australia

To follow Jesus in freedom, sincerity and justice.

Sr Libby Rogerson IBVM
Province Council Member and Board Director, Mary Ward International Australia

To help others on their journey to holistic wellbeing.

Brittany Warren
Marketing and Digital Communications Officer, Loreto College Marryatville

Adventure, relationship, mystery and joy in the service of love.

Sr Marg Honner IBVM

Teaching about the Word based on the interplay between sociology and spirituality.

Nancy Rodi
Leader of Religious Education, Loreto College Marryatville

Think positive and act positive for better solutions of bringing every child closer to
quality education.

Dung Nguyen
Executive Director, Loreto Vietnam

Actually, BE wherever you are.

Sr Yvonne Lamerand IBVM

A disposition of heart to discern God’s way.

Sr Sandra Perrett IBVM
Board Director, Loreto Normanhurst

To reveal the love of Jesus through my presence.

Sophia Kim CJ

Vocation is the willingness to share one’s gifts and talents with others wholeheartedly,
with a commitment to do well and make a positive impact.

Rika Andres
Principal, Loreto Nedlands

A call from God.

Sr Claire Gardiner IBVM

Called by God
(to the IBVM).

Sr Jan Barlow IBVM

My vocation is to be me.

Sr Maureen Burke IBVM

To live conscious of my commitment and to live it with as much positive energy as

Sr Jane Kelly IBVM

Being proud of the gifts I have been given using them to pray and draw to deepen my
spiritual life and being a true daughter of Mary Ward.

Sr Susan Daily IBVM

Our hearts beat as one.

Patty Warrender
Biology and Science teacher, Loreto College Marryatville

Vocation is a call to respond in freedom to the u(U)nexpected.

Sr Chris Burke IBVM

Living an authentic life.

Sr Natalie Houlihan IBVM
Province Council Member

To continually discern, with my whole being and God’s help, the next most loving step.

Anne Muirhead
Co-ordinator, Loreto Justice Network

Creativity and expression through art.

Simone Chua
Director, Amigo & AmigoPast student, Loreto Kirribilli

To do what makes your heart sing and being your true self in the eyes of God.

Kate Guggenheimer
Director of Students, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak

To let God lead me to follow His way.

Sr Aithien Nguyen IBVM
Director, Loreto Centro, Timor-Leste

That I am called by God to do whatever work God wants of me in this life.

Sr Marg Callaghan IBVM

Listening & responding to the call of God wherever it may be heard.

Michelle McCarty
Director of Mission, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak

To be the living memory of Jesus in our time and our world.

Sr Pham Thao Trang IBVM

A calling to engage in something special. An invitation to give my life to God and to engage in God’s work in the world.

Sr Marg Finlay IBVM

Receiving God’s unconditional love and sharing it as generously as possible.

Sr Margie O’Sullivan IBVM

To be there for those in need.

Robert Falloon
Teacher, Loreto Nedlands

A deep call to whatever should eventuate along the path that I opened out for me and which I freely chose. The following of a life of love and generativity in God.

Sr Deirdre Browne IBVM

To live in kindness with others and share generously in solidarity.

Teagan Collins
Director of Programs, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak

Bringing others to prayer and song.

Damian Whelan
P-12 Liturgist, Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak

To go easy, to be filled with light and to shine!

Jennine Lennox
Executive Assistant to Sr Wendy Hildebrand ibvm, Province Leader

To create a just world for all.

Kirstin DelBeato
Projects and Partnerships Manager, Mary Ward International Australia

In the words of Mary Ward, that it is “constant, efficacious and loving.”

Kim Wickham
Principal, Loreto College Coorparoo

Living and working according to God’s call to improve the lives of others.

Andreia Wigan
Director of Mission, Loreto College Coorparoo

To live fully alive to life for the greater good of all creation.

Sr Angela Slattery IBVM

Finding ways to animate Christ’s call.

Sharon O’Keeffe
Director – Identity and Outreach, Catholic Education Services, Diocese of Cairns

My calling to serve the community through sharing knowledge, wisdom and care.

Matilda Ingram
Past student, Loreto College Coorparoo

Having a deep connection to Gospel values and the Mary Ward tradition in my work with Loreto students to inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

Jan Kearney
Teacher, Loreto College Coorparoo

To live and work according to God’s call. God calls us to take initiative and to improve and make a positive difference in other’s lives.

Student, Loreto College Coorparoo

Living your values and beliefs.

Jennifer Davis
Producer, Producinator

An awareness of Jesus’ words ‘to live life to the full’ meditatively listening, reflecting, and responding actively. Believing God is in all and over everything; Faith, Hope and Love.

Sr Helen Parer IBVM

To be a kind and thoughtful human and share happiness.

Philippa Nolan
Content Editor, Loreto Kirribilli

Vocation is a sign of love: Love for self, love for others, love for God.

Larissa Cairns
Performing Arts Faculty, Star of the Sea, Melbourne

A gift which invites a generous response.

Sr Mary Baulderstone IBVM

To be who I am.

Sr Tran Tuyet Trinh IBVM

Listening deeply and being a voice for the voiceless.

Libby Parker
Director of Mission, Loreto Normanhurst

Working towards justice and equity for all through my actions.

Melissa Clancy
Teacher and Social Justice Coordinator, Loreto Normanhurst

Listening deeply and prayerfully and discerning action through contemplation.

Kerry McCullough
Liturgy Coordinator, Loreto Normanhurst

Seeking and encountering God in the present moment.

Sr Tran Thi Kim Hoa IBVM

Accompanying others and following Christ.

Sr Nguyen Thi Vi IBVM

Responding in love with a joyful and grateful heart.

Sr Helen Maguire IBVM